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Instant online company credit report

Online web based system aRMadillo provides fully analysed reports on all UK live limited companies (2.5 million company reports) and over 3.2 million UK sole traders and partnerships or non-limited businesses. aRMadillo's reports provide a detailed assessment of company's financial status, including a recommended monthly trade credit limit. All reports are prepared by research analysts who draw from up to 8 different information sources and contain over 200 items of business information.

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Non-limited company report (sole traders and partnerships)

Audited accounts are rarely available for non-limited companies. Therefore, in compiling reports a greater emphasis is placed on conducting detailed investigations including telephone interviews with proprietors and consulting a wide range of third party sources. Public record and detrimental information, such as County Court Judgments and gazette entries, are also analysed and added to the file that forms the basis of the report and recommended credit limit.

Under normal circumstances a non-limited company report includes :

  • Ownership
  • Payment trends
  • History/previous searches
  • A recommended monthly credit limit - underwritten by all the major credit insurance underwriters
  • An expiry date, if a report is out of date a new report will be prepared and delivered online within 3 days

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